Video Marketing for Child Care Centres

When it comes to social media marketing, video is key.

Whether your content is organic or paid ads, you will want to prioritise videos. Video is a powerful content medium that can deliver an evolved and persuasive media experience. Unlike a static image, your viewer will invest more time into the video which allows for a stronger emotional connection. When it comes to a parent choosing a childcare centre, their initial emotional response is integral.

Where to show your video?

Your video marketing content should be used as your first touch point with your audience. This means that you should have your videos at the top of your website, social media platforms as well as targeting cold (aka new) audiences through paid ads. You will then be able to use those videos to build a custom audience group of warm audiences that have previously engaged with your content. For example. You can use paid Facebook ads to retarget the audience who viewed 75-100% of your video.

What types of videos should you create?

There are a few key types of videos that we recommend:

Hero video:
  • This video will be your main long-form video which will highlight your centre and its unique selling points.
  • You can either opt for a face-to-face interview or a scripted voice-over, choose the option which will best deliver your selling points and message.
  • Use footage in slow-motion to create a more ‘magical’ feeling.
  • Enhance the colours by increasing the vibrance in post-production.
  • Choose a song that is uplifting and hopeful.
Testimonial video:
  • This video will showcase what your parents have to say about your centre. These videos are great for building your audiences trust in your centre.
  • Create interview questions that will elicit a meaningful response in your parents.
  • Segment the videos into themes, e.g. ‘favourite thing about our centre’ or ‘why they chose our centre.’
Meet your Centre Manager:
  • This video will allow your audience to get a better insight into the Centre Manager, their qualifications and their values.
Unique selling points:
  • A few examples of these selling points may be community connections, special activities, facilities, culture etc.

When it comes to the four types of video content outlined above, I would opt for higher quality. However, that does not mean that you cannot share video content regularly using accessible resources (e.g. your iphone)! Consistent iphone content is better than no content at all.

If you are after more video marketing advice for your childcare centre, get in touch with us.

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