Strategic innovation in regional childcare

Astute Early Years Specialists are proud to partner with BHP Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) to lead the Childcare Leadership Alliance.

The Childcare Leadership Alliance (CLA) has been formed to work in the pilot communities of Moranbah and Dysart within the Isaac Regional Council area in central Queensland to develop innovative solutions that will empower childcare operators to attract, retain, and upskill early childhood educators and teachers.

Our goal is to design long-term, sustainable solutions to improve the accessibility and provision of quality early learning opportunities for families in the pilot region. With the ultimate vision of expanding these strategies to the wider region similarly facing childcare challenges.


Professional Development

Supporting service providers to attract, retain, and upskill early childhood educators and teachers. The CLA will facilitate learning opportunities to empower and inspire the local childcare workforce through the provision of professional growth resources.


Championing a whole-of-community approach to elevate the profile of early learning and the current challenges faced by the sector. A shortfall of places in local childcare centres means children are losing the opportunity to access early learning. And without care, parents’ ability to fully participate in the workforce is limited which in turn affects local business.

Supporting employment

Due to a shortfall of educators and teachers centers are unable to operate at full capacity. We are drawing on the insights and ideas of the sector at large and the wider community to create a scaleable methodology to resource these services.

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