How to get the centre tour, enrolment and orientation process right! Real feedback provided to a centre who did.

Written by a first-time mum.

Like many first-time mums & childcare users, I was both hesitant & nervous about enrolling my toddler in childcare. While I had considered childcare, the day my son would actually go to childcare seemed far into the future. However, my unplanned visit to a childcare centre, quickly led to an immediate enrolment as a result of one centre tour. My experience was so positive and had such an impact on my family, that I felt compelled to provide feedback to the Centre Owner. Here is my feedback and what I felt the team did right.

Dear Centre Owner

I have worked in the early childhood industry for many years so I write this feedback both from my experience in the sector and as a first-time mum & childcare user.

I never intended to enrol or formally tour your centre mainly because it is 20 minutes out of the way from us, and because I had hesitations about leaving my son in a childcare centre. It was only because I was in the area and out of curiosity that I stopped in for an impromptu look around.

I have to say from the moment I set foot in the door I was impressed. The Centre Manager was professional, kind and beyond helpful. She greeted both my son and I and made us feel immediately welcome, accommodating our unannounced visit. We toured through the centre and every Educator, in every room greeted both my son and I. They took the time to speak with us and encouraged my son to play and explore the environments and learning experiences.

All indoor and outdoor environments were beautifully curated, clean and welcoming. You could see the intention and thought that has gone into setting up the spaces and activities. The programming on display and how the Educators linked to the Standards, particularly collaborative partnerships with families & communities, showed me they put thought into what they displayed, what they did and the ‘why’ behind it. As we know, leadership in early childhood settings is very important, and it is evident that they have a brilliant and passionate Centre Manager.

The foyer showed beautiful connections to the families and wider community, encouraging parents to provide feedback, and children’s clothing available for those who may be in need.  I truly felt that stepping into the centre was like stepping into a family home. The team and the feel for the place was warm, calm and welcoming every day & moment I was there. The children were happy, and the team were evidently engaged and passionate about their roles.

It just felt right. So, right there and then, I enrolled my son, and went home to make the arrangements with my employer. The enrolment process was a breeze, thanks to the Centre Manager’s support and guidance. The orientation was accommodating and put me at ease about my son’s first week. Last week was his first week and on both days the team were incredible. I was nervous on the second day that he would be hesitant to attend but when we walked in, he was excited and screaming “park park park”. The morning Educators (family grouping) were so kind and supportive for our drop-off and made me feel very comfortable with leaving him in their care. I had packed my makeup bag with the expectation I would be upset however, walked out feeling beyond confident with the Educators and the care he would receive. 

The Educators in his room have been incredible. Their thoughtfulness and care for my son has been beyond my expectations. They have taken the time to understand his personality and interests and have gone out of their way to create engaging learning experiences with him specifically in mind. They have communicated with me regularly and their terminology and communication in the parent app, Storypark has been beautifully written. I am so grateful to them for making his first week such a delight. 

I appreciate that these may be little things however, they have made a truly positive impact on my family’s transition to childcare which we are so grateful for. Often in centres we miss these moments which is why I wanted to share with you what a wonderful experience we have had with your team and centre.


One very happy parent.

How does your centre compare:

Do your team conduct outstanding centre tours?

Do you feel confident that you and your team can convert tours to enrolments?

How are your environments throughout the day?

How do your educators engage with potential families?

How much thought goes into your foyer and community connections?

How do you promote your centre’s strengths and unique features?

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