The benefits of Facebook ads for childcare marketing

Facebook ads is a powerful tool to help generate new leads and increase your centre’s occupancy. Setting up strong Facebook campaigns allows you to enhance your centre’s overall visibility and provide another touch point for your target market. 

What are the key benefits of using Facebook ads?

Engaging with your Target Market

A key marketing principle is to ‘be’ wherever your target market hangs out. In this case, Facebook users are predominantly made up of 25–39-year old’s which aligns with the common target demographic for childcare centres. Facebook ads allow you to reach your exact audiences broken down by their demographics, interests, and behaviours. For example, if you would like to specifically create an ad for your nursery room, you could target parents in your area interested in infant clothing, baby powder & baby toys. 

Re-engage with your target market 

Facebook ads allow you to create ad campaigns to re-target audiences that have previously interacted with your content. This may mean that they have liked your page, watched 75% of a specific video ad or visited your website. On average it takes seven interactions with your target market before a conversion (enrolment) will take place. A retargeting campaign can effectively move your consumer through the sales-funnel and encourage further communication, whether that be an email, phone call or tour booked. 

Create meaningful content

There are different types of ads you can create on Facebook ads manager, for example: an image, a video, a carousel, and an interactive experience. We have found the most success creating the interactive ads featuring a video, carousel of images and call to actions. It is important to create ads that are optimised for where your target market is on their customer journey. An awareness advertisement will look different to a re-targeted nurturing ad. In a previous blog we have provided an outline of what types of videos you should create. 

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