Rebecca Donaldson

Early Years Specialist

Hi, I’m Bec.

I’m a passionate Early Years Specialist with a wide range of experience stemming from over 14 years working in the early years sector. In my time in the early years industry I have worked in various roles both in centres with and in centre support roles where I have seen firsthand how a dedicated and supportive early childhood centre can provide positive outcomes for young children.

As an Early Years Specialist with Astute, I provide support, mentoring and assistance to centres that are wanting to achieve the goal of “Excellence”. I am honoured to guide and drive the most supportive and enriching early years settings possible for families, children staff and management. My qualifications of Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care, and Diploma in Business Management, combined with years of hands-on practice have given me the skill and expertise to support centre leadership teams in both practice and operations.

I’m committed to providing each service with the leadership and guidance on operational matters, implementing systems to manage risk and streamline process, enable effective management and above all ensure the centre is operating at an exceptional level. My years of experience have made me driven to build leadership and governance structures which promote positive organisational culture and professional learning environment to better support the children in care. While I am passionate and go above and beyond to support centre as an Early Years Specialist, I am most proud and honoured to be mum to my three beautiful children.

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