Kylie Dawson

Strategy, Planning & Innovation Manager

Kylie is an experienced early childhood professional who is extremely passionate about supporting centre communities to work together to provide their children with high quality learning experiences in a supportive, nurturing environment. She has been working behind the scenes to support the superstars of the industry (the educators) for more than 10 years and has held management and project lead roles with both C&K and Goodstart. Kylie has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in adult learning, educator professional development, and establishing and maintaining quality practices and processes.  

She has extensive experience in implementing robust policy frameworks and assisting centres to establish consistent, high quality practices that support the provision of exceptional education and care for children and families. She is also very skilled in supporting the successful implementation of change projects, whether on a large or small scale, and can assist centres to develop an achievable and proactive plan to address challenges and achieve success in identified areas. 

Kylie lives on the beautiful Sunshine Coast with her husband, son and two working dogs.  She is also a yoga teacher who loves being in nature, gardening, and exploring the great outdoors.  

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