Why Your Centre Needs to be Marketing on Social Media

By Gail Lindner

You know your early learning service needs to be on social media but do you know why? Do you know exactly how it can help you?  

In today’s market, using social media to promote your childcare service or kindergarten is more important than ever. In fact, avoiding it may hinder your business success. Most early learning centres (and I’m guessing yours too) would have the main business goal of more enrolments or bookings. After all, that’s how you are able to open your doors each week.  

Did you know you not only have to find your customers, you then have to pique their interest, get them engaged and build up trust before they will even send off any inquiry? This is where social media plays a key role. 

The Role of Social Media in Childcare Marketing

Social media is how you increase exposure of your service in key markets and your local community. Gaining and maintaining a glowing reputation within your community means more enquiries, bookings and enrolments stemming from better engagement. Social media can not only drive booking and enrolment enquiries but it can also boost:

  • Attendance at open days and special events
  • Parent/community engagement
  • Alumni loyalty, and
  • Fundraising efforts

all of which will contribute to your long-term success!

Know Where Your Audience Is

If you are trying to market your business on social media, it’s helpful to know at least a FEW statistics.

For instance, where are your target market hanging out online? Is it Facebook? Instagram? Tik Tok? LinkedIn?

Here is an interesting article sharing some current Facebook statistics:


You will find similar articles for TikTok, YouTube and Instagram that may be helpful in determining which social media platforms will work best to reach your target audience.

Promote Your USP

USP stands for unique selling point and it refers to features of your service that are different to others around you.

What makes your service different from others in the same niche? What are the benefits to your families of choosing your childcare centre or kindergarten? 

Once you’re clear on all your points of difference, you can start highlighting your USP in your content. Start showcasing your USP in everything that you put out: IG and FB posts and stories, advertising, blog posts etc. There are no other services like YOURS so start letting people know!

Creating a social media marketing strategy for your early childhood service may not be high on your priority list, after all, it’s just part of the overall marketing strategy which sits among day-to-day operations, recruitment, compliance etc. Building an engaged online presence to drive enquiries and enrolments through social media can be extremely effective.   

Need help developing a creative social media and content marketing strategy for your centre? Not sure where to start when it comes to engaging with potential families in a way that reflects your service’s values and delivers results? Then get in touch with our team of Early Years Specialists at hello@weareastute.com.au.

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