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Who we are, where we are from and a little bit about us.

If you are service owner, director, team member, principal or teacher and you love and respect teaching, education, care, children and families then you are going to love us and our team of epic (fearless, talented and legendary) specialists.

Why? Because we get it: all of it.  Big services, small kindergartens, great (read exceeding) and working towards great – when it comes to early years, we have experienced it!




Mel Comerford

Mel is an experienced early childhood professional with more than 25 years working in the early years sector and is passionate about and dedicated to the quality of education & care for all children.

Mel has spent 10 years in senior executive roles with Goodstart Early Learning and C&K Association Limited, both large not-for-profit early childhood organisations that together deliver exceptional early childhood education and care to more than 100,000 children nationally.

As National Manager Professional Capability at Goodstart Early Learning, Mel was responsible for the integration of the delivery of Early Childhood Certificate III and Diploma qualifications

and management of the Goodstart Institute of Early Learning to over 1500 students, and the Professional Practice and Learning & Development functions to 15,000 employees.

At C&K as the Chief Operations Officer, Mel was instrumental in implementing the universal access goals for Queensland by her management of the opening of more than 100 services co-located on state school sites.  In addition, Mel oversaw the development of the first independent birth to five early childhood curriculum that was approved for use by the Queensland Studies Authority

As the Acting Chief Executive Officer of C&K Associated Limited, Mel managed and oversaw a budget in excess of $75 million per annum that includes more than 1200 employees and 1500 volunteers.

Mel also has strong experience in working with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities, working with Commonwealth & State government departments and Ministers and other key stakeholders across our profession.


Kim Davis

With over 25 years experience specialising in the education and childcare sector, Kim has held senior leadership roles with large not for profit organisations, lectured at Charles Darwin University and has managed her own consultancy.

Kim has extensive experience in working with governments both Commonwealth and State, as well as other stakeholders across the early years.  She has worked with universities in facilitating and actioning research with benefits geared towards the workforce, program quality, children from disadvantaged and / or culturally or linguistically diverse backgrounds and evaluation.

Most recently, Kim worked with KU Children’s Services where she was Manager, Business Development.  Within this role, Kim lead consultations with the kindergarten / preschool and long day care sectors to better outcomes in their operations and educational programs. She also lead consultations and managed projects with the corporate sector; which included some of Australia’s largest multinational corporations; national organisations and clients with an interest in early childhood.  

Prior to this position, Kim was the Education Manager for C&K Association Limited (Qld). Within this role, Kim lead the Education Advisory Services, the Equity & Diversity and Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Units and the Research & Development department.

Kim was instrumental in the development and publication of the second edition of Building waterfalls – a set of teaching and learning guidelines for educators of children aged birth to three and kindergarten aged children.  This publication was subsequently approved by the Queensland Studies Authority.

But this is us now – Astute Early Years Specialists, 10 years of dreams, a lifetime of passion for early childhood and two courageous, chatty, astute women that want to make a BIG difference and change early childhood education and care. From an industry into a profession. Together from the inside out.



“Astute,” which derives from the Latin noun astus, meaning “craft, suggests cleverness, mental sharpness, and diplomatic skill”

Every child you teach will teach you something new about yourself and your teaching style.

Teaching is not a skill one collects when you graduate and pick up your qualification; it’s so much more than formal qualifications.

It doesn’t matter what position you hold, what matters is how you hold that position.  That’s true leadership.