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To meet your needs, we are growing….

Wow. This year is flying past isn’t it? Or is it just how we at Astute are feeling right now?!

Over our morning coffees, we’ve reflected on how much we have witnessed and experienced since starting our Astute journey nearly two years ago. It’s been a whirlwind…

Launching our EarlyEd Academy, travelling, advising and supporting new early childhood centres to open, professional development workshops, phone calls, coffee meetings, mentoring & coaching so many wonderfully passionate educators – it’s all contributed to a crazy, but extraordinarily fulfilling time. 

Of course, there have been challenges, time constraints, delayed flights, traffic jams, (spilt coffee 😥 ), family priorities and the feeling of not being 100% ‘on’ all the time, but that’s life sometimes, isn’t it?

So, this is where we are today. We are looking at the bigger picture, positivity, growth, challenging the early childhood professional development mindset and making sure we choose where our experience & expertise is most needed.

Our purpose at Astute Early Years Specialists is to share with you how to keep your passion alive and thrive in this physically and emotionally demanding career you have chosen.

The best part of our everyday, is seeing how the Astute methods and “In Centre” Learning and Professional Development workshops can and do make a big impact to your day and your teams environment. But mostly, how little changes make a positive difference for children in your care.

Travelling all over Queensland and the Victorian countryside, learning and loving what we do, we knew it was time to grow our Astute family to keep delivering on our purpose.

We are excited to announce, we have found a fabulous person, in New South Wales who shares our love of early childhood education as much as we do! Woohoo!

Danielle Gallacher is a mum living in Northern Sydney and has spent her career living and breathing all things early childhood education and care. Having more than 28 years’ experience in early childhood practice and training, Danielle has joined Astute to support New South Wales centres.


To learn more about Danielle, just click below


Introducing Danielle

We are super chuffed to have Danielle on board, and commencing in May, she will be reaching out and encouraging services to take the step and join Astute in making the most of your team’s professional development.

Mel & Kim

More News  

Astute has been extremely professional and supportive towards our service. Mel has gone above and beyond and worked around the clock to support our team.  

Our service loves the EarlyEd Academy. It is user friendly and is developed to inspire and shape all services and their team, no matter what skill level we are all at. 

From the moment we met Mel from Astute, we felt comfortable with her warm and friendly presence. Mel is professional, takes pride in sharing her experiences and knowledge. We are lucky to have had the opportunity to work closely with Mel and her team.

Simply Sunshine Child Care

Astute, and Mel in particular, really helped me to get my head around my position as Educational Leader at my centre.  I had been in the role for a couple of years with no real direction or clear idea of what my job involved.  Mel worked with me and gave me clear guidelines and processes to put into place to effectively fulfil my role.  I am now an important part of our leadership team and am enjoying empowering the other teachers to consistently reflect on and improve their practice. 

Gena Smith Teacher and Educational Leader at Next Steps Kindy

“Astute,” which derives from the Latin noun astus, meaning “craft, suggests cleverness, mental sharpness, and diplomatic skill”

Every child you teach will teach you something new about yourself and your teaching style.

Teaching is not a skill one collects when you graduate and pick up your qualification; it’s so much more than formal qualifications.

It doesn’t matter what position you hold, what matters is how you hold that position.  That’s true leadership.