Emma Daniels

Practice Advisor

Emma is currently in her 13th year in the Early Childhood Sector and holds a dual Bachelor of Education in Primary and Early Childhood. After spending time in both settings she decided pretty quickly that Early Childhood was her passion.

Over her career Emma has had the opportunity to work across every age group and took on a leadership role very early in her career, working her way up to Director just under 6 years ago.

Emma has just moved to the coast after spending 5.5 years in a beautiful and unique little outback community in North West Queensland.

She values and seeks those special moments, sometimes small and sometimes big, where a child or one of her team has those ‘aha’ moments – when they realise what they are capable of, or when they make a connection or a leap, all on their own. Emma believes her role is to create an environment where the children and the centre team are given the freedom and support to pursue their ideas, thoughts and wonderings.

Emma believes connecting with families and the community is what makes an early learning centre great and collaboration is key to providing meaningful and positive learning throughout a child’s time in care.

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