Caitlin Tyson

Business Services Coordinator

Caitlin has worked in the Early Childhood sector for over 12 years. In her recent Centre Manager position, she prided herself on creating an environment where children could explore, discover, hypothesise, and learn through symbolic play-based learning approaches. She believes in engaging in ongoing learning and reflective practices to build on her own and fellow professional educators’ knowledge as the Early Childhood Sector evolves, taking advantage of the many opportunities to grow and develop. 

Caitlin believes it is fundamental to provide families with an Early Learning Centre which has a sense of warmth from the moment you walk through the doors – a centre which feels just like ‘home’. As an Early Years Specialist with Astute, Caitlin provides support, reassurance, and guidance to families as they start their transition into care. Her extensive experience in centres has given her first hand knowledge on what families need to ensure they feel confident as they start this new journey.  

She is a mother to a little girl, who attends an Early Learning Centre, giving Caitlin the motivation to her dedication to showcasing the influence that our centres have, not only the children who attend, but the families and community also.

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