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Transition to School Toolkit

Transition to school – Coming soon! Watch this space.

Starting school is a big milestone for a child AND their family.  Remember this transition is happening to the child and the rest of their family so we need to provide support for everyone. 

A positive, effective and child/family focused transition to school experience is critical for children and families. The quality of the transition as children leave you service reflects directly on the experience that they have had. This impacts the reputation of your centre and is vital for the success of your service. 

Have you ever taken the time to truly reflect on the WHY of the transition to school experience, WHY it is so important – that is the first step to developing AND maintaining a supportive, meaningful and successful transition to school experience. 

Our Transition to School Toolkit is designed to give you the foundations needed for a successful transition to school program to support kindergarten and preschool children throughout their final year of early childhood education.

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