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Policy and Procedure Framework

Coming soon – watch this space!

Our policy framework is a complete policy framework for early childhood services. 

Regulation 168 of The National Regulations detail the policies your service must have, and our framework includes all of those policies, PLUS many of the ones determined by ACECQA to be best practice.

Our documents have been put together by early childhood experts that have been working in the industry for many years – they are evidence based and will help you embed high quality approaches across your service. 

The documents are clear and concise, but not overly prescriptive – this is important as they allow you to adapt the documents to suit your unique needs and context. 

Our policy framework is designed to provide you with flexibility and the ability to customise the documents to meet your needs.  You can edit the documents, and tailor them to your unique context. 


We have created a framework that is easy to review and update.  And the documents do comply with the regulations, but they have been developed so they don’t tie you up in knots – they are not so detailed and prescriptive that educators end up focused on whether the beds have been placed 30 centimetres apart like the procedure says, but they are more focused on ensuring that the individual sleep and rest needs of children are met, whilst meeting all regulatory requirements.

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