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Child Protection Framework

Child Protection Framework

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The Child Protection Framework is a suite of evidence-based, cohesive policy documents focused on implementing high quality practices to support children and enable early childhood services to meet their duty of care when it comes to protecting children. 

The documents meet the requirements of the National Regulations, specifically Regulation 84, which states that the approved provider must ensure that all educators and staff at the service who work with children are aware of the current child protection law in the provider’s jurisdiction and understand their obligations under that law.  They also meet Regulation 168, which details the required policies an early childhood service must have. They also meet and align with Standard 2.2 of the National Quality Standards, and specifically Element 2.2.3, which requires Management, educators and staff to be aware of their roles and responsibilities to identify and respond to every child at risk of abuse or neglect.  And most state and territory Working with Children Checks require services to have specific policies and strategies for identifying and responding to child protection concerns, as well as for being proactive in the protection of children.  For example, our Framework meets the requirements of Queensland’s Blue Card System for Working with Children.

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