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Practical solutions for a thriving profitable service.

Do you have a permanent headache and furrow in your brow? Can’t sleep with worry? Don’t know what you don’t know? Well, you are not alone but you do need to act – children’s lives depend on you.

Owning a service is a large responsibility and a huge commitment to many people.  The health and wellbeing of the children and your team members must be your priority and at the forefront of your mind, while the trust and respect of your parents and the community is critical to your success.

Let’s not forget that your viability and marketability can depend upon:
  • the rating your service receives from the Regulatory Authority under the NQF,
  • the word of mouth in your community, and
  • what parents and families are saying about you online and to their friends.


Then, there are so many laws, rules and regulations – what happens if one slips through the cracks and you are no longer compliant?  No wonder so many service providers think it’s all too hard or place too much pressure on the director to be a superhero.

Astute Early Years Specialists understand the complexities service providers face daily.  Your service has a unique context and so needs an individual solution to the challenges you experience.  This can be multiplied if you have more than one service or can become very complex if your services have challenges or contexts that differ from each other.

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We promise, that if we don’t know the answer, we will either find out or find you someone that can help you through our network of trusted friends.

“Astute,” which derives from the Latin noun astus, meaning “craft, suggests cleverness, mental sharpness, and diplomatic skill”

Every child you teach will teach you something new about yourself and your teaching style.

Teaching is not a skill one collects when you graduate and pick up your qualification; it’s so much more than formal qualifications.

It doesn’t matter what position you hold, what matters is how you hold that position.  That’s true leadership.